Maritime Medical First Response

The Maritime First Response Call Line is the initial point of contact for our Caring for the Crew® Program. Future Care maintains a 24 hours, 7 days a week Contact Center, staffed by its Maritime First Response Team, which handles all requests for the management of any medical incident, whether emergency or routine. These medically trained professionals receive the assignments directly from the ship owner and/or ship’s captain, evaluate the information received regarding the crewmember’s condition, and recommend treatment based on the urgency and type of care required. Depending upon the nature of the particular case, they will steer the crewmember to a network physician or facility and arrange appointments, admission and coordinate transportation, as required.

Maritime Physician Advice at Sea

Telemedicine is the use of electronic communication to provide diagnosis and/or clinical care between the medical provider and the patient in a remote location. In the case of Future Care, we call this maritime telemedicine, where the patient is the seafarer, onboard a ship, at sea.


Future Care’s Physician Advice At Sea program is designed to respond to the specialized circumstances encountered in providing remote medical treatment to the injured or ill seafarer while onboard ship. We also offer primary healthcare or a complete wellness program through Physician Advice At Sea. Our 24 hours, 7 days a week Contact Center provides immediate and continuous access to our world-wide network of physicians, nurses, medically-trained first responders and other medical professionals.

Maritime Medical Case Management

Maritime Medical Case Management refers to the program developed and administered by Future Care for the professional oversight of medical treatment. Elements of the program include the assignment of a licensed physician or nurse, Future Care case manager to communicate with the attending physicians, hospital staff and crewmember, to review and monitor medical treatment, maintain contact with the crewmember during the course of treatment, and to assist in the coordination of the arrangements for the crewmember’s release and/or repatriation, if applicable, when medically certified as fit for discharge or fit to travel.

Maritime Medical Cost Containment

If you are not using Future Care’s medical audit and cost containment services, you likely are paying more than you should for your crew medical costs.

Future Care has been helping shipowners and their P&I Clubs significantly reduce the cost of hospitalization, emergency evacuation, out-patient rehabilitation, pharmacy and related medical treatment costs for almost 20 years. We accomplish this goal through specialized skills and services, including audit/forensic medical accounting, PPO network admission, PPO re-pricing, medical case management, utilization management, retrospective review and negotiation.

Our goal is to ensure that the shipowner and the P&I Club pay the most cost-effective price for the crewmember’s major medical treatment and that all treatment charged was medically necessary and actually provided.