Prescription History Report

Future Care is proud to introduce the Prescription History Report, a five-year comprehensive list of all prescription information on a given patient, including drug, dosage, pharmacy, date, refills and prescribing physician’s name and address.

This report falls under the same HIPAA privacy guidelines as other medical records, so an authorization or subpoena is required to release the Prescription History Report.

If you are a member of Future Care’s Caring for the Crew program, this Prescription History Report can be completed on all U.S. crew claims for your use prior to an injury or illness occurring such as during your employment exam stage or during the course of a medical claim. Prescription History Report will be provided to all members at a discounted rate.

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Product Description

The Prescription History Report (PHR) is a tool that enables law firms, insurance companies, and employers to view a comprehensive five year prescription history on their clients, when authorized to do so.

The PHR can include data on:

  • Date the prescription was filled
  • Address and phone number of pharmacy where filled
  • Dosages filled
  • Address and phone number of prescribing physician

Data Source:

The sources of this data include the nation’s Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM’s) who aggregate pharmaceutical and insurance data. The data in the PBM’s comes directly from pharmacies and insurance companies who voluntarily input data into the databases on a daily basis.

Because the data is voluntarily input, and some insurers and pharmacies elect not to participate currently, the database covers approximately 75-80% of residents in the United States.


Order: To order a PHR, it is required that a person’s full name (including maiden names or nick names), social security number, date of birth and zip code of residence be submitted along with a valid HIPAA release form. Since the information contained in the PHR is considered Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPAA, a release form is required.

If an order is submitted without any of these requirements, it will not be run until the missing requirements are submitted.

View Results: When a report is requested, a response is returned usually within 48 business hours. There are three possible responses from the Data Sources:

  1. Match: This means that the client was found in the database and all information contained therein is downloaded and forwarded to the requesting party.
  2. Eligible: This means that the client was eligible to appear in the system but there is no record of any prescriptions being filled during the eligibility period. This could happen for a variety of reasons including:
    1. The client truly did not fill any prescriptions during the eligibility period
    2. The client paid for prescriptions with cash rather than insurance, thus taking them “off the grid”
  3. No Match: This means that the client has no data in the system under the name, social security number, date of birth, and zip code provided. If this happens, an additional search can be made using alternate data inputs.

Billing: Unless otherwise authorized by Future Care or one of its authorized representatives, reports must be paid for at the time of the order via credit card. Once a relationship has been established, credit terms can be extended if approved, and a billing arrangement can be made.

When a Match is found in the system, the customer will be billed the agreed-upon rate. If the result is returned as either Eligible or No Match, the customer will only be billed a $25 search fee.

For pricing information, please email Tiered pricing available. Members will receive a discounted rate, please contact our office to register.

Example Report:

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