Future Care is an international medical management and cost containment service provider exclusively to the maritime industry, serving shipowners and P&I Clubs in fulfilling the medical needs of seafarers, aboard ship and on land. The Company was founded in 1998 by CEO and President Christina DeSimone, who brought her unique brand of medical case management for land-based employees directly to shipowners and ship managers, to better manage the medical care of their crews. Future Care has grown rapidly since then, filling a need in the maritime community for expert management of seafarers’ medical treatment and services around the globe.


Caring For the Crew

Through our exclusive Caring for the Crew® program we provide complete medical and financial services, including Physician Advice at Sea, Maritime Telemedicine; First Response; First Response; physician and nurse case management of treatment and medical cost containment, among other services.

Physician Advice at Sea
Medical First Response
Medical Case Management
Medical Cost Containment